Hik-Connect is a service introduced and supported by Hikvision that enables the user to view the Hikvision surveillance security cameras via smartphone and at the same time provides the alarm push notification service. Basically it provides an easy way for the Hikvision devices to connect to the Internet.

In this article we will go through all the steps on how to add a Hikvision device (NVR, DVR, camera) into Hik-Connect account. User interface may not be identical to the instructions shown below depending on the product, firmware version, manufacturing year. However, the information and settings required to setup Hik-Connect services are similar across all Hikvision products.

Before starting make sure that: 1) your device supports Hik-Connect function. If not, update the firmware of your device to the latest one. 2) update the Hik-Connect smartphone app to the latest version (v3.0.0 and above).

First you need to enable the P2P function (read the instructions here) and to register an account on Hik-Connect (read the instructions here). Once the preparation is complete, follow the steps below on how to add a device into Hik-Connect account.

Method 1: Add (Hikvision) devices via Hik-Connect app

Step 1. Open up Hik-Connect app on your smartphone (make sure it’s the latest version of the app. If not, update).
Step 2. Go to Home interface, tap the icon at the upper-right corner;
Step 3. Here you can add the device in two ways: by scanning the QR code or manually.

Adding the device by scanning the QR code. Tap Scan QR Code to enter the “Scan QR Code” interface, or you can click the image icon at the upper-right corner of the interface to extract QR code from local album. Usually, the QR code is on the label, which is on the back of the device. Check underneath the recorder to find the QR code.

Manual Adding. Tap Manual Adding to enter the “New Device” interface.

Select the adding type as Hik-Connect Domain. Enter the device serial no. manually (you can find the serial number on the sticker). Tab the Save icon to search the device.

Step 4. Click ‘Add’ to continue
Step 5. Enter the device verification code to finish, and the Adding Completed interface will pop up.

If you’ve entered this interface, it means you’ve added your device to Hik-Connect successfully. You can click Skip and go back to Home interface to watch the live view feed from your security system.

However, if you prefer a faster stream loading speed, you need to open ports (do port forwarding) in your router in advance, enter the settings as follows: Set the device alias (nickname) and domain name. Select the port mapping mode. You can select either Automatic or Manual. If Automatic: The client will adopt a device port automatically. Manual: You should set the port information manually. Most of the routers support automatic port mapping, so we’d suggest to do it that way. Enter the device user name and the device password. Tap Finish to finish this operation.

Method 2: Add devices via www.hik-connect.com web portal

Step 1. Type www.hik-connect.com into your browser’s location bar (as shown on the picture below).

Step 2. Login with your account username and password. If you don’t have an account, create one and use a strong password.

Step 3. Go to Device Management. Here you will see all your devices listed (if you previously added any).

Step 4. Click Add and enter your device serial number. then click Search. You can find the serial number on the label, on the box or on the settings of your device.

Step 5. When the connection is established to the device a popup window shows the model and confirms the S/N. If this is the desired device, Click ‘+’ to continue. (If nothing shows up, make sure the device (recorder, IP camera) is powered and connected to the internet).

Step 6. Enter your device verification code, then click Add to finish. If you don’t know your device verification code, then read this article on how to find the verification code.

Step 7. A pop-up window confirms the successful connection. And the device now is editable on the Device Management page.

Step 8. Click on the IP address and Port No. of a connected device. A new window pops up to login the device (basically you will be redirected to your browser and the recorder’s login screen will show up). Enter the username and password to login.

Note. If it doesn’t redirect to your device after clicking IP/Port No. link in www.hik-connect.com while the device status is online, it means that the ports may not be properly configured for your device. In this case, we’d suggest to open the ports manually in your router instead of using UPnP to configure port forwarding. Then enter the correct ports number here. Type http://externalIP:port number to test whether port forwarding is successful after port forwarding manually (for example