This guide will explain the meaning of the Dahua Live Feeds icons, which are the icons that you see on the screen when live viewing your cameras.

 1. RecordStatus Recording status 3. VideoLoss Video Loss
2. MotionDetect Motion detection  4. CameraLock Camera Lock
  1. This icon shows the recording status, it means that the camera is recording. If you set your recorder on continuous mode (recording non stop) you’ll see the green camera icon on display all the time. If you set it on motion recording, it will pop up when the motion is detected.
  2. This is the icon of the motion being detected. If you see this one on your screen it means the camera detected motion. However it doesn’t mean that is recording. If you see the green camera (icon 1) and the motion icon at the same it means that the DVR/NVR is recording.
  3. This is the video loss icon. In simple words it’s an indicator that the camera is not sending any feed at the recorder. Maybe the camera is dead, the wire is cut, oor the power line broken.
  4. The lock means that your account is not authorized to view that particular camera.

Extra Tips
Preview drag: If you want to change position of channel 1 and channel 2 when you are previewing, you can left click mouse in the channel 1 and then drag to channel 2, release mouse you can switch channel 1 and channel 2 positions.

Use mouse middle button to control window split: You can use mouse middle button to switch window split amount.