This article will show all steps on how to setup email notifications for Dahua surveillance recorders (NVR or DVR) using a Gmail account. In this case we will do the settings via web browser. So first you need to access your Dahua recorder via your computer or laptop.

Step 1. Login into your Dahua NVR or DVR. Type the IP address (and the correct http port) on the url bar of your browser (use Internet Explorer). Enter your username and password. Install any plugins required by the recorder (usually the browser will ask permission to do the installation).

Step 2. Go to Setup -> Network -> Email and check Enable in the check box then enter the SMTP Server.

Step 3. To get the SMTP Server, open up the command prompt by typing cmd on the windows search bar and type ping to get the IP address. You’ll see the replies from the server and the IP address will show up there as well.

Step 4. Enter the IP address into the SMTP server box.

Step 5. The port number for Gmail is 465, and enter the email information that you will be sending the notification from into the username/password/sender. Sender is the full email information.

Step 6. Enter a subject for the email notification and enter a receiver by entering and pressing the plus sign, you may have multiple receivers (meaning you can add more than one email address as the receiver).

Step 7. Enter a time interval for the frequency of the email if you wish to receive (how often to receive the email notifications) and click save.

Step 8. Go back to the command prompt (type cmd on the Windows search bar) and enter ipconfig /all and get the DNS Server.

Step 9. On the NVR go to TCP/IP and enter the information on DNS (Preferred DNS and Alternate DNS).

Step 10. Go back to the SMTP menu and make sure the authentication is on SSL, save and press email Test and you should receive a test email (to make sure the connection is set up properly).

Additional Gmail Settings

Please make sure your gmail settings on the account to Allow less secure apps is set to ON. Follow the steps shown below:
Step 1. Log into Gmail account and select the icon in the top right corner.

Step 2. Select Connected apps & sites, then make sure “Allow Less secure apps: ON” is on.

Note: If you have enabled two step verification on the Gmail account, then the notification feature will NOT work.