Hikvision cameras running on the firmware v5.5.0 or higher version have the ONVIF function disabled as default. If you has enabled this function before, it would be turned into disabled as well after the upgrade. This is a guide to instruct you how to enable ONVIF protocol in your camera.

1) Go to device login interface by entering the device’s IP in your web browser. You can use Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer.

Enter the camera’s IP on your web browser URL bar.

2) Login in the camera by using your username and password. We assume you did activate the camera before (if not, follow the onscreen instructions).

(3) Go to Configuration > Network > Advanced Settings > Integration Protocol. Click Enable ONVIF checkbox to enable this function (as shown below).

Click Enable ONVIF to activate the function.

4) Click Add to add new users (up to 32 per device), assign the user level: Media, Operator user and Administrator user.

Click Add to add new users.

Create the User and assign the level of authority.

An example is shown in this picture,

ONVIF user management system on Hikvision cameras is independent from device management system. The user list displays authorized users and access levels:

  • Media: have access to get the real-time streaming, get a list of device supported functions, and read configurations (Profiles, DNS, network interfaces, endpoint reference, recordings, serial port and etc.) of the device.
  • Operators: have access to all settings except: Causing changes to the system configuration, such as setting network default gateway; Causing unrecoverable changes to the system, such as setting system factory default and upgrading system; Reading confidential system configuration information, such as getting system log.
  • Administrators: have unrestricted access to all settings.