Follow these steps to change the camera name on Hikvision DVR, NVR or IP cameras. In just a few steps you can rename your Hikvision surveillance cameras the way that works better for you. It’s always recommended to have your cameras renamed properly, that way it’s easier to monitor them and more intuitive when doing playback or backing up the footage.

Step 1: Log into the DVR/NVR locally (type your username and password). Go to Menu > Camera > OSD (OSD stands for On Screen Display).

Step 2: Select the camera to modify the OSD configuration using the camera dropdown menu (all the available cameras will be listed on the dropdown menu).

Step 3: Enter the desired camera name in the ‘Camera name’ field. Click the APPLY button to save the settings.

Note: There are a few options on the right side of the menu that may be useful. Such as checkboxes to Display the week, Display the Date, Time Format, Date Format and the Display Mode (we recommend to keep it non-transparent and non flashing). On the right side, on the camera’s image itself you can move the location of the camera’s name (or date) by dragging and dropping the box using your mouse.