This article will discuss a common issue with the Hikvison DVR: the case when the recorder won’t display certain channels (for example channel 1 is missing). As you can see in the picture below, the channel 1 is not available (missing) on the menu. This issue comes from a setting misconfiguration on the Hikvision DVR.

Double check the channel

To make sure that everything is correct, check the DVR channel that is not showing up to confirm that the channel is getting video signal (video feed). Go to the Camera management > OSD and select the channel that is missing from the main view. If you see that the channel is working (showing up) you are good to go to the next step.

Fix the configuration

The Hikvision DVR allows you to select the channels you want to display on the screen and hiding the ones you don’t want to. Basically when certain channel show up as unavailable, it’s hidden by a misconfiguration on the settings. To change the configuration open the Configuration menu.
Click on the “Live View” button to open the next screen.
Check which channels are being displayed. The picture below shows the Channel A1 icon with the yellow color. It will be yellow when the channel is enabled. If disabled, it will be white. So if it’s white, click it and make sure it’s yellow.
Take a look at the Channel A2, it’s the same thing. The icon is yellow which indicates the channel is active and being displayed. The same happens for the other channels.
You can also check if all the channels are being displayed in different layouts. The picture below shows all the cameras enabled for the 2×2 layout.

Check if the camera is showing up

After changing the display configuration, go back to the main screen to check if it’s working. As you can see in the picture below, all the channels are available now and you can select any of them to display on the screen.