This article will explain how to fix the “Error code 17” that shows usually when you try to live view your Hikvision surveillance system or a single Hikvision IP camera. Error code 17 shows up when you are trying to connect to a HikVision device (IP camera, DVR, NVR) using the smartphone app iVMS-4500, or the Hikvision computer software iVMS-4200. Usually this error shows up randomly and suddenly, meaning without any modification of the configuration settings. Simply out of blue will display “error code 17”.

Based on HikVision’s official SDK explanation, Error Code 17 means: “NET_DVR_PARAMETER_ERROR: Parameter error. Input or output parameter in the SDK API is NULL”. In general, this “Error Code 17” means the internet connection with your CCTV system is having an issue. The client, which is your smart phone, or computer, couldn’t communicate with the server, which is the IP Camera, or DVR, or NVR, due to a parameter error in the configuration. The recording is still working fine. You won’t lose any important video records because of this error code.

So what is causing this error? Hikvision error code 17 indicates an error generated by a wrong IP configuration or a problem related to an incorrect name resolution. It usually happens when the wrong IP is entered in the iVMS-4500 App or when the DNS is not configured or working properly. Here’s a list of suggestions on how to fix this issue:

1. Make sure the DDNS service you’re using is working properly. Don’t leave the subnet mask empty, use the Preferred DNS: and Alternate DNS (on the Settings > Network settings).

2. Restart (power cycle) your Hikvision NVR/DVR or IP camera. The reboot will refresh your IP address, which usually resolves the issue.

3. Sometimes this error shows up due to extra spaces in the IP address. When ententering the IP address in the Hikvision iVMS-4500 phone app (of iVMS-4200 for the computer) make sure there’s no extra space in the field, because that can be misinterpreted by the software.

Note in the picture above that an extra space after the number 168 is the cause of the error code 17. Make sure to eliminate such space. The IP address must be continuous with numbers and dots without spaces. Some smartphones have a problem with the predictive text that makes hard to type the IP address without having the extra space. Type the IP address carefully and always double check it.

4. Hikvision IP cameras and recorders (DVR, NVR) using old firmware can present issues related to the network connection. Make sure you to update your devices to the latest firmware.

5. You also need to make sure the last version of the Hikvision iVMS-4500 smartphone app and iVMS-4200 software (for computers) is installed on your device. Just open the Play Store or Apple Store and look for the app, if a new version is available you have to update yours.