Follow these simple steps to upgrade your Hikvision IP camera or NVR/DVR to the latest firmware version. We recommend to use a PC (not Mac) and to use a wired connection (the camera and the NVR/DVR wired to your network). Use Internet Explorer browser to access your device (not Microsoft Edge, not Google Chrome, not Mozilla Firefox). If you select/download firmware for the wrong camera family or device you will see an error message which states – “The type of upgrade file mismatches”. In some old cameras, even if mismatched, the firmware will go through. In this case the camera may be damaged.

Step 1: Download the latest HikVision firmware to your computer. Make sure to get the right firmware. Contact the Hikvision, or your reseller or consult this Hikvision firmware list.
Step 2: Extract the digicap.dav file (which is the actual firmware file) from the zipped file you downloaded.
Step 3: After the file is extracted, log into the camera using Internet Explorer. If prompted to install the plugin (or to allow the plugin to run), follow the prompt to and allow the plugin to install. (To access your camera or recorder, type the IP address of your device on Internet Explorer’s address bar.
Step 4: Login with your username and password and navigate to Config -> Maintenance (see the picture below).
Step 5: Scroll to the bottom of the screen you’ll see Upgrade Firmware.
Step 6: Click the Browse button at the right-hand side.
Step 7: Locate and choose the firmware file, which was previously saved on your computer. After selecting the file, click Open, then click Upgrade. The camera will reboot when the firmware is successfully upgraded.

How to update your Hikvision NVR/DVR via USB drive?

Step 1: Insert a USB flash drive into the computer’s USB port (please note that the USB flash drive does not need to be empty; it may contain other files and documents).
Step 2: Locate the right firmware for your recorder.
Step 3: Download the firmware.
Step 4: Locate the downloaded firmware file (this typically will be in the default download folder, unless prompted for a download location, then choose Desktop) and extract it by right-clicking on the file and selecting extract all or unzip. When prompted for an extract location, choose the USB flash drive (typically labeled by letters E, F and so on) to extract the final file to. A file labeled digicap.dav will appear in the USB flash drive.
Step 5: After the firmware has been extracted (unzipped), remove the USB flash drive from the computer and insert it into one of the available USB ports on the DVR/NVR unit.
Step 6: On the DVR/NVR, go to the Main Menu, and then go to Maintenance.
Step 7: From the sub-menus on the left click Upgrade. This will display the content of the USB flash drive.
Step 8: Choose the digicap.dav file and press Upgrade.
Step 9: An information window will pop up prompting that the unit will reboot after the upgrade is complete. Click YES.
Step 10: To verify that the firmware has been upgraded, after the DVR/NVR is rebooted, go to the Main Menu, and then go to System Information. The current firmware version will be displayed.