Here we will explain how to reset the password for Amcrest HDCVI DVR. After the reset procedure is done the password will be reset to the factory default.

Please make sure you are reading the correct article since there are different brands and models and this procedure applies to the high-definition model. Here we are talking about the Amcrest DVR that works with HDCVI cameras (HD over coaxial cameras). In case you have the traditional (analog) Amcrest 960H DVR, please read the article: ​How to reset Amcrest DVR password.

How the Amcrest HDCVI password reset works

The reset procedure on Amcrest HDCVI may be considered unconventional. The idea is to drain all the power from the DVR’s motherboard so it goes to manufacturer default state and you can use the original username and password. This is the official information from the manufacturer, so you need to follow. There are two ways to reset the Amcrest HDCVI DVR depending on the model.

Amcrest HDCVI DVR with front power button
You need to use the front power button to force the DVR drain the remaining power from its electronic components, so get ready to stay for a few minutes in front of the DVR pushing the button again and again. Follow these steps to reset the Amcrest HDCVI DVR password:
1. Make sure the DVR power is off.
2. Unplug the power cord from the DVR.
3. Press and hold the DVR power button for 3 seconds.
4. Wait for 10 seconds and repeat this process.
5. After 20 minutes reconnect the power cord to the DVR and turn it on.
6. Use the default username (admin) and password (admin) to login.

Amcrest HDCVI DVR without front power button
If your Amcrest HDCVI DVR has no power button, you need to leave it unplugged (no power cord connected) for 2 to 3 days until the electric circuit board runs out of the remaining power and then you can turn the DVR again. When the DVR turns on just follow the setup wizard and enter the default username (admin) and password (admin). This procedure is weird, but it’s the official way, so just go for it.

We recommend you not to take the risk of powering the DVR up on the second day since you can have remaining power in the circuit board and then you need to start the process all over again. Better wait a minimum of 3 days.

Finish the DVR setup

After resetting the DVR, follow the setup wizard to configure everything back to the way you need and change the password (don’t leave the default one). It’s also recommended to update the the Amcrest DVR to the latest firmware. Visit the Amcrest website to download the firmware for the model you have.