Is it legal to put security cameras in restrooms or bathrooms? In most cases (and places), installing hidden or non-hidden security cameras in bathrooms is illegal. The law states that the installation of security cameras is not allowed in bathrooms and other private places where people are supposed to have a certain degree of privacy. Among these places are changing rooms, locker rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, hotel rooms, and any other place where people might get undressed. Violation of this may result in severe penalties on the offender. However, there is always an exception to every rule. Below are listed a few occassions when the cameras are allowed in restrooms.

Inform others about the existence of security cameras in restrooms

In some US states and countries, employers are required to let their employees know that they plan to install security cameras in restrooms and other places and get their consent first. Informing their employees would be in the form of written notices. Once the employees approve, then they can set up such devices on the said areas.

If employees are not notified and consulted before the installation of surveillance security cameras, the owners may face severe punishment is proven guilty of not following the law.

Security cameras in public restrooms should be pointed at common areas

This is usually applicable in educational institutions (schools, colleges etc). Violence in schools usually happens in hidden areas. That is why the school administration may set up security cameras in public restrooms. These cameras can reduce smoking and violence in schools. Therefore keeping the students safe and secure, as much as possible.

These cameras must be stationary, though. Meaning, they cannot be moved, zoomed in or out, and angled (meaning no PTZ cameras). Also, they must point at common areas of public bathrooms only. For instance, hand washers. Pointing the cameras at stalls and mirrors is not allowed.

Security cameras in your own restroom

Surveillance security cameras installed in your own bathroom is an exemption to this rule. In other words, since your home is private property, you can do whatever you want to do with it. However, if your private property has tenants, for example you are renting out, then installing security cameras in bathrooms is illegal and punishable. Despite it being private property, other people other than the owners are using the said facility, hence making it kind of “public”.

How to detect hidden security cameras in restrooms?

There are a few tricks you can use to in order to find hidden security cameras in restrooms areas. If you are conscious about your privacy and you are using a public bathroom, then it will not hurt to be cautious. Well, here are some tips on how to check (and find) hidden security cameras in bathrooms.

1. One-way mirrors
If there are one-way mirrors in the restroom, there is always the possibility that there is a security camera hidden behind it. How will you know if it is a one-way mirror? There is a trick to it. First, put your finger on the mirror. If there is a gap between your fingertips and your reflection, then it is a real mirror. However, if there is no gap, then it is a one-way mirror. One-way mirrors are reflective on one side but transparent on the other side.

2. Use your smartphone
You can use your smartphone to find hidden security cameras inside a public restroom. Here is how:
• Make a phone call while you are inside the bathroom.
• Walk around.
• Stop on areas where you hear interference.
• Download hidden camera detector apps on your smartphone. You can check if there are any disguised CCTV cameras in school restrooms using hidden camera detector apps.
• Turn off the lights and use your phone’s flashlight to go over suspicious areas. The hidden camera detector app will help you find any hidden security cameras.