The Smart Playback function provides an easy way to get through the less effective information. It’s an interesting feature support by Hikvision Security Systems. When you select the smart playback mode, the system will analyze the video containing the motion or VCA information, mark it with green color and play it in normal speed while the video without motion will be played in the 16-time speed. The smart playback rules and areas are configurable.

The Smart Playback function is now supported by almost all –E/-K/-I series NVR and Turbo DVR (HD via coax DVRs). To get the smart search result, the corresponding event type must be enabled and configured in the IP camera.

How to watch Hikvision Smart Playback

Step 1: Enter Playback interface locally by following Menu -> Playback.
Step 2: Select Smart in the drop-down list on the top-left side.
Step 3: Select a camera in the camera list.
Step 4: Select a date in the calendar and click the button to play the video file.

Step 5: Set the rules and areas for smart search of VCA event or motion event.

Line Crossing Detection. Select the button, and click on the image to specify the start point and end point of the line.
Intrusion Detection. Click the button (intrusion detection button), and specify 4 points to set a quadrilateral region for intrusion detection. Only one region can be set.
Motion Detection. Click the (rectangle for intrusion) button and then click and draw the mouse to set the detection area manually. You can also click (the full screen) button to set the full screen as the detection area.

Step 6: You can click the gear button to configure the smart settings.

Skip the Non-Related Video: The non-related video will not be played if this function is enabled.
Play Non-Related Video at: Set the speed to play the non-related video. Max./8/4/1 is selectable.
Play Related Video at: Set the speed to play the related video. Max./8/4/1 is selectable.
Note: Pre-play and post-play is not available for the motion event type.

Step 7: Click the search button (magnifying glass) and play the matched video files.
Step 8. (Optional) You can click the filter button to filter the searched video files by setting the target characters, including the gender and age of the human and whether he/she wears glasses.

Note: Different back-end devices may have different smart playback interfaces. Sometimes you need to select Normal or Normal/Smart instead of Smart to find and watch smart playback. Here is another example from a different model.