A few people emailed me with this question. So, here we will try to clarify a few things. Zosi is a manufacturer of DVRs and NVRs, and so is Techage, they both manufacturer various recorders and surveillance cameras for the world market. Their first line of DVR and NVRs was based on the H.264 compression technology, and later on they released the H.265 compression type recorders. The compression algorithm (H.264 and H.265) compresses the footage and saves more space on the hard drive and at the same type maintains a high quality video image. The H.265 is the new algorithm which compared to H.264 has a 50-70% efficiency (refer to this article: H.264 or H.265 for CCTV systems?).

To answer the question: A H.264 Zosi IP camera will not work on a H.265 Techage NVR. And vice versa: a H.264 Techage IP camera will not work on a H.265 Zosi NVR. If you need to mix these two brands, make sure the (Zosi or Techage) cameras support H.265 compression and the recorder (Zosi or Techage) supports H.265 compression. Even if they camera and the recorder support H.265 compression, you need to use the ONVIF protocol to add those cameras on the NVR.

Let’s say you have H.265 Zosi IP cameras: to add them to a Techage NVR you need to use protocol ONVIF and manually type the password for each camera. Or if you have Techage IP camera, then you still need to use ONVIF protocol to add those cameras on the Zosi NVR. This may be complicated and a little bit technical, however it’s doable with the right expertise. Make sure both the cameras (Zosi or Techage) and the NVR (Zosi or Techage) support ONVIF protocol and are H.265 compliant. Their latest line of Zosi or Techage IP cameras/NVR support the ONVIF protocol (for more info refer to this article: )

What about analog Zosi or Techage cameras? Usually these two manufacturers make HD-TVI HD analog cameras. You need to find which camera resolution is supported by each Zosi or Techage DVR. Let’s say you have Zosi analog 2MP cameras, these cameras will work on a Techage DVR that supports 2MP camera or 5MP camera. If you have 5MP Zosi camera but the Techage DVR supports 2MP camera only then this Zosi camera will not work on the aforementioned DVR. Same idea if you have a Techage camera and a Zosi DVR.

There are two things you need to keep in mind in case you need to know if an HD analog camera will work with a certain DVR. First of all, the technology of the camera (HD-CVI, HD-TVI, Regular Analog etc) is supported by the DVR. Second, if it’s supported, than you just need to make sure that your camera’s resolution is supported by the DVR (a 2MP or a 5MP or 8MP HD analog camera must be supported by the DVR). Certain DVRs support 2MP, so a 5MP camera won’t work on that DVR.