This article will show how to reset the password for Zosi DVRs (step by step: Zosi DVR password reset). The procedure is simple and can be completed in less than 5 minutes. To recover admin access of your locked DVR, all you need is to use a mobile app and scan a QR Code in order to generate a new password and to enter it into the DVR login screen. Follow the instructions one by one.

The Zosi DVR models

This Zosi password reset procedure works for the following Zosi DVR models. Make sure yours is included in this list (check the model number on the sticker underneath or on the side of the recording machine)
Zosi 4-Channel DVRs: ZR04PN; ZR04PM; ZR04RN; ZR04RM; ZR04FN; ZR04FM; ZR04LN; ZR04LM.
Zosi 8-Channel DVRs: ZR08KN; ZR08KM; ZR08AN; ZR08AM; ZR08QN; ZR08QM; ZR08RN; ZR08RM; ZR08ZN; ZR08FN; ZR08ZM; ZR08FM; ZR08KS; ZR08LS; ZR08LN; ZR08LM.
Zosi 16-Channel DVRs: 16QK; 16LK; ZR16ZK; ZR16JK.

Zosi DVR password reset steps

To execute the Zosi DVR password reset procedure, make sure the firmware version is V1.2.1 or above and that your recorder model is included on the list above.
Follow the steps to reset the DVR:
Step 1. Identify the DVR model.
Step 2. Download and install the SPD App.
Step 3. Use the App to scan the QR Code (or type the DVR ID).
Step 4. Reboot the DVR and create a new password.
Read and consult the next sections for the step-by-step details.

How to identify the Zosi DVR model

You need to make sure your DVR is one of the listed above, so just take a look at the label located under your device (see picture below). In our case the picture shows the model: ZR08AN which is on the list.

Download and install the SPD App

To reset the Zosi DVR you need to use a mobile app called SPD which will generate a Super Password. Visit the App Store (for iPhone users) or Google Play (for Android users) to download it. Look up for SPD and choose the one you see in the picture below.

Scan the QR Code or type the DVR ID

The next step is to scan the QR code located in the DVR label (usually at the top).

Open the SPD App and choose the way you want to Input the DVR ID, the first option is START SCAN QRCODE and the second one is MANUAL INPUT.

Just press the button “START SCAN QRCODE” and give the permission to the App to open the mobile camera when asked, then point the camera to the QR Code. The app will scan the barcode in a few seconds.

The SPD App will read the QR code and generate a Super Password (a master password).

In the DVR login screen enter the username admin and the Super Password that was generated by the SPD App and press the login button.

Once you reboot the DVR, the username will be admin with blank password. (no password, just hit the login button).

Create a new password for the DVR

It’s very important to create a new password to protect your device. Open the User Management and enter a new password that is strong enough (is recommended to use a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols). Leave the Old Password field the way it is, enter the New Password twice.

And that’s all. You just executed the Zosi DVR password reset successfully. Make sure to remember your new password.

Common problems when resetting the Zosi DVRs

Sometimes the SPD App can’t read the label because it’s damaged or something else is not correct. In this case, just choose the option MANUAL INPUT and enter the DVR ID manually. This ID can be found in the DVR label.

There are thousands of DVRs in the market and sometimes you have to try different procedures to reset the device and recover from a lost password. If you are here looking for a solution but is using a different DVR brand, read the other articles available in this blog and perhaps they can help you.